501 (c)(3) Est. 1987 

To engage in the advertising and promotion of sale of  seafood products and in activities for the prevention, modification, or removal of trade barriers which restrict the free flow of seafood products to market, including negotiations with State, Federal, or Foreign Governmental Agencies which affect the marketing of any seafood products.  To engage in educational programs regarding commercial fishing and fish and shellfish recourses and to promote the wise use of those recourses on a sustained yield basis.  

VCCFA Directives in order of priority for the maintenance and development of our fisheries

SeaSketch Mapping project from Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara

CFSB has requested participation from Ventura County Commercial Fishermen to create a (protected) database of territories fished, including transit routes.  This data will be used to show what areas are directly effected by projects in the future, as wind farms, aquaculture, and other uses of the ocean are proposed.  The data is protected, and being collected by CFSB.  Click here to read more ... 

Channel Islands Harbor 

The HOIST at Fisherman's Wharf 

For tokens, please contact C.I. Harbor Patrol on Ch. 12 or call (805) 973-5960  Tokens can be purchased at the C.I.H.P. Office


Channel Islands Harbor 

Marine Emporium Landing Hoist  For access contact Hook's Landing.  (805) 382-6233



Video: SoCal's Great White Shark Population is Coming Back Strong

Source Surfer.com

JOFLO News for Fishermen: Safety Equipment

It's a good time for me to remind all who fish much of the time off SANTA BARBARA COUNTY about the County's Fishery Enhancement Fund's SAFETY EQUIPMENT REIMBURSEMENT. The funds have been provided by oil companies as Santa Barbara County's condition for offshore project approval. A boat owner/lessee can receive UP TO $1,000 IN REIMBURSEMENTS within a 12-month period to cover, in combination...read more >Click Here< 

Communication Board Posted May 5th, 2023

SB County FEF Safety Reimburse Form 2022.pdf